Set up alerting for excessive disk fill

Alert Publisher, one of the Cloudera’s management services, used to send alert notifications by email or by SNMP.

Service instances of type HDFS, MapReduce can generate alerts if so configured. Alerts can also be configured for the monitoring roles that are a part of the Cloudera Management Service.

Go to CM – Cloudera Management Service – Alert Publisher – Configuration

Check “Alerts: Enable Email Alerts” and provide the mail server details., hostname, username, password, from address, recipients, format etc.,

In the exam, they will provide the configuration details (if problem appears).

Now that Alert Publisher is configured, lets go to the service where we have to enable alerts.

Since the topic is alerting for excessive disk fills, go to HDFS – Configuration – search ‘alert’

Check ‘Enable Service Level Health Alerts’

Then search for ‘threshold’ and set the warning, critical thresholds for trigger alerts when datanode free space reaches the respective threshold level in the below property.

For individual datanodes, you can select ‘Edit individual values’ and set appropriately.

Problem Scenario:

· Set up alerting (as warning) for datanode disk utilization.

Thus we covered how to Set up alerting for excessive disk fill.

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