28 thoughts on “CCA131 Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification Feedback

  1. Thanks Mr Kannan. It looks like meeting you on-line was bound to happen and at the right time, as I am planning to give Cloudera Administration exam. To begin with I got a glance of your feedback of the CCA 131 exam. It indeed helped me a lot, Mr Kannan.

    Thank you.. I look forward for more !!

    1. Hello Sameer, thanks for your nice words. Wish you all the best for your exam.
      Please practice the blueprint topics until you can do all the tasks mentioned on your own without looking up any material.
      That will definitely help you to pass the exam.

  2. Hi Kannan,
    you’re doing a great job.

    can you please guide on what sort of questions are asked related to Sqoop and flume?


    1. Hi Anubhav,

      Qs from Sqoop are unlikely to be asked. If at all anything appears, it’d be adding of service sqoop/flume and change flume conf(sources, channels, sink properties) as shown in the cloudera sample question.

  3. Hi Kannan,
    great job-this blog is indispensable.

    Can you share what documentation is available? Is it all the content of the enterprise documentation? So does that mean everything under this link:
    https://www.cloudera.com/documentation/enterprise/latest.html .

    I understand the point that you should be capable doing everything without looking up documentation, but for some of the topics it looks strange that you could not use anything. E.g. the commands to create a file/make a directory etc throuh httpfs are not trivial. Or the configuration steps necessary when activating sentry seems typically something that you would not memorize, but note down somewhere.

    Thanks for feedback!

  4. Hi,

    Can you please let me how to install cloudera manager without using the automated process i.e. without using cloudera-manager.bin file ? I just want to know how to install cloudera manager without any agents. I tried using the local repo and installed the manager but it is not starting. I mean it starts and then stops automatically. There is some sort of issue with database I think but unable to sort it out so looking for the method to install.

  5. Hi Kannan
    This is a very helpful blog for exam preparation. I am planning to take up the exam next week. Please could you let me know which all ecosystems tools we can expect for the exam?

    Can we expect questions from Solr, HBase, Hive, Imapala – if yes, any idea what would be the nature. Any queries we need to write?

  6. Hi Kannan,

    I took the CCA131 exam today and passed. I just want to express my deepest gratitude to you for your blog has helped me a lot with my exam preparations. Just also want to let you know that you’re helping a lot of people with your blogs content.

    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Rovy,

      Congrats on passing the exam, it’s not an easy one to pass and I’m sure you’d put a lot of efforts for this. Wish you good luck in your future endeavours and thank you for your kind words.

  7. Hi Kannan,

    Could you refer any books which will cover all the topics for this exam with scenario based stuff.


  8. Hi Kannan,

    I was planning to take exam and was really confused about the preparation, this blog is really very helpful for people who are looking to take CCA131.
    Thanks a lot for the detailed information provided here.
    Just wanted to know if you have any idea if the syllabus or blueprint has changed after you took exam??

    Shyam Mohan

  9. Hi Kannan,

    Could you please let me know is there any new certification for Hadoop Admin after the merger of Hartonworks and Cloudera ??

    If not can I take CCA131 exam as of now ?


  10. Hi Kannan,

    There is no new certification out and CCA131 is still the one Cloudera is providing.

    I myself is talking the exam in a few days.



    1. Yes, it’s the one. You’re allowed to use this and apache.hadoop.org links which would be given in the exam welcome dashboard.

  11. I got a question on Placing the client configuration for hdfs and Yarn. How do you do it on a linux server and maintain permission and the file name in place?

    1. You can download the client configuration in cloudera manager which will store in the downloads or some other folder, like how usually download files in chrome/firefox. Then you can access the config by navigating to respective folder in terminal and move it to destination. Move won’t change the permissions.

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