CCA131 – Cloudera Administration Certification Exam Notes and Preparation Guide

In this post, we’ll go through the exam blueprint topics and show you what and how to perform the tasks in each topic.

All the embedded links are my exam preparation notes. Go through each link and perform/practice it in your cluster.

Please practice till the time you’re confident of doing all the tasks without referring any documentation/material and capable of resolving the issues.

Before we start, check out my post on exam feedback.  CCA131- Exam Feedback

If you’re new to Linux, please check out Linux commands – Basics which will help you get familiar with shell commands.




Demonstrate an understanding of the installation process for Cloudera Manager, CDH, and the ecosystem projects.



Perform basic and advanced configuration needed to effectively administer a Hadoop cluster



Maintain and modify the cluster to support day-to-day operations in the enterprise


Enable relevant services and configure the cluster to meet goals defined by security policy; demonstrate knowledge of basic security practices


Benchmark the cluster operational metrics, test system configuration for operation and efficiency

  • Execute file system commands via HTTPFS : HttpFS commands
  • Efficiently copy data within a cluster/between clusters : Distcp
  • Create/restore a snapshot of an HDFS directory :  Snapshots
  • Get/set ACLs for a file or directory structure :  HDFS ACLs
  • Benchmark the cluster (I/O, CPU, network) : Benchmarking


Demonstrate ability to find the root cause of a problem, optimize inefficient execution, and resolve resource contention scenarios


Before you appear for the exam, please check my post on how to validate the outputs in exam. CCA131 – Answers Validation Steps

This will help you in re validating your outputs/solutions/tasks which you may fail to notice during the exam.

Wish you all the best for your exam.

Please do share your thoughts/feedback after taking the exam, which will help me to update the contents accordingly and also help our fellows in Hadoop community..



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