Script to delete thousands of delete marker in a S3 bucket

s3 delete marker

Last week, we got an incident that some of the data are missing in a versioning enabled S3 bucket. The S3 bucket in question has lifecycle policy enabled, which expires the objects after 90 days (adds delete marker) and permanently delete them after 30 days of becoming previous versions. Reported missing data belong to the … Continue reading Script to delete thousands of delete marker in a S3 bucket

S3 – Versioning

Versioning is a method of keeping multiple modifications/versions of an object in the same bucket. You can use versioning to preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of every object stored in your Amazon S3 bucket. With versioning, you can easily recover from both unintended user actions, accidental deletes and application failures. How Versioning works: In … Continue reading S3 – Versioning

S3 – Encryption

Encryption on any system requires three components: (1) data to encrypt (2) a method to encrypt the data using a cryptographic algorithm(AES) (3) encryption keys to be used in conjunction with the data and the algorithm.   S3 supports encryption of data in transit and at rest. The data at transit will be encrypted using SSL. … Continue reading S3 – Encryption