How your resume shouldn’t be – observations on screening profiles for Hadoop Admin role

I’ve screened around 50 profiles/resume in recent months for the technical round of Hadoop Admin/Engineer position and it’s shocking to see how terrible the candidates resumes are. All the resumes came through Consultancies and they do have major share for the poor quality of those resumes.

I’m listing the below points I observed during screening which you shouldn’t do at all in your resume. These are not only applicable for this position, also in general.

1) Resume Length 

Most of the resumes are 4-6 pages. It’s not an easy writing, your resume should be short, concise and shouldn’t exceed more than 2 pages. Don’t waste our time with paragraphs of the client/project description and N no. of bullet points, tick marks.

2) Spelling mistakes/typos

hadooop, pastgres, lunix, orcale are not acceptable at all. Your resume is your first impression before we meet for f2f. Don’t spoil it with typos. Screen/ review it multiple times before you submit.

3) Work experience

Don’t mention what you’re doing everyday, instead mention what you’ve accomplished in your role. We’d like to know what you’ve done notably in your work and how your knowledge/exp going to help us. Mention any migration activities, upgrades, POCs, changes you performed.

Balancing the cluster, comm/decom the nodes are a single click activity thanks to Cloudera, Hortonworks distributions. Don’t tell them as your responsibilities.

4) Skillset

Don’t mention hdfs, yarn, hive, hbase, spark, solr, pig, kudu, kafka, mapreduce, R all the possible latest technologies unless you really worked on all those tools.

It’s ok if you don’t get a chance to work on particular technology, but atleast read an overview of it, if it’s required for that role.

If you say you know shell scripting, then you should have an example on what’s the recent script you’ve written.

5) Irrelevant info

One guy mentioned he won doubles TT, snooker in his college. I’m not sure how it’s going to get him an interview let alone the job.

6) Note to consultancies

Pre screen the candidates before you pass them to the companies. Don’t push all the candidates in an assumption he’ll learn after he joins, it spoils your reputation and reliability on rest of the potential good candidates. And don’t ever highlight their resumes with yellow markers.



These are the points which really tested my patience during the screening and the interviews. With ever changing technology, it’s difficult to get an initial interview in this job market unless you’re exceptionally skilled. Don’t ruin the opportunity with these silly mistakes.

Please free to add your thoughts, comments on this if you have any.

2 thoughts on “How your resume shouldn’t be – observations on screening profiles for Hadoop Admin role

  1. Kannan,
    these are very obvious, and I agree as I have also interviewed candidates on a different technology stack. I’m making moves into Big Data and expect to be Hadoop CCA 131 certified by end of the month(Dec 2018).

    Thank you for creating this site as it has been tremendous help for me.

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