Configure Hue user authorization and authentication

When you access Hue after installation, by default the first user that logs into Hue becomes the first admin user.

CM – Hue – Web UI

After you logged in, go to admin tab – Manage Users

Now provide the username of the user you want to provide access and add them in appropriate profile/groups.





Please ensure that the user you’re adding already exists in the CM server. Once the user is added in Hue, hue will automatically create a directory in HDFS under /hue/username.

In exam, you may be asked to add Hue service, configure it with given configuration values, add an user etc.,

Integrating Hue with LDAP or Active directory are very advanced topics, unlikely to be asked in exam.

  1. After adding a new user, Hue does not automatically create a directory “/hue/username” in HDFS.
    I am afraid that the wrong question makes the problem fail.

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