CCA131 sample exam questions

Below are the cca131 sample exam questions format in which the problems will appear in the exam.

Each problem contains three sections – instructions, data description and output requirements.

Instructions explain about the problem and what needs to be done; Data description contains nodes/services details or relevant information to solve the problem; Output requirements is the most important part, which tells you how the problem solution is expected to be.

During the exam, please read the instructions carefully and pay more attention to data description and output requirements.



Problem 1:

You’re about to expand your cluster by adding a number of new hosts. However, the new equipment is somewhat different from what you already have in place, so you decide to setup a role group that is appropriate for the older machines and to configure the default group so that it’s ready for the newer ones.

Output Requirements
A DataNode rolegroup called DN-new1 must be defined in the HDFS service, and must inherit its configuration values from the DataNode Default Group


Problem 2:

Since you’ll be adding datanodes to your cluster on a regular basis, you’ve decided to create a host template for you usual set of clients and services on the new datanode hosts. You also recently decided to add YARN and HDFS gateways to all your datanodes, and this seems like a good opportunity to combine the two tasks.

Create a host template using the parameters in the Data Description section; select that role’s Default Group in the pull-down menu.

Data Description
Name: Cloudera Test
HDFS: DataNode, Gateway
YARN: NodeManager, Gateway

Output Requirements
A host template with the above parameters must be defined.


Problem 3:


Due to concerns about personally identifiable information (PII), you’ve been asked to enable and define data redaction for the cluster logs, SQL query history, and audit data. The items of concern include credit card numbers, e-mail addresses.

Data Description
Email addresses should be redacted as “[email protected]
Credit card numbers should be redacted as 1234-5678-9123-4567

Output Requirements

Redaction for email addresses and credit card numbers must function correctly as
described above.


Problem 4:

Several of your analysts are eager to start using Impala for their analytics as it’s faster for ad-hoc queries. You noticed that while adding Impala it’s getting failed due to main pre-reqs are not met. Fix the Impala dependency issue and add impala service to the cluster.

Data description:

Add Impala service and assign roles as given below.


Impala Daemon: cdh001, cdh002

Statestore: cdh000

Catalog server: cdh000

Hive Service Metastore: cdh000

HiveServer2: cdh001

Gateway: cdh005

Hive metastore Host: cdh000

Db name: Hive

Username: hive

Password: hivedb

Output requirements:

Impala service to be added and prerequisites are met.


Note: These are sample questions and should be considered for reference purposes.



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    In the Q2 as we have to create host template with the roles given. Should we apply the host template to all datanodes. Cause its written that “You also recently decided to add YARN and HDFS gateways to all your datanodes, and this seems like a good opportunity to combine the two tasks.”.

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