CCA131 sample exam questions

Below are the cca131 sample exam questions format in which the problems will appear in the exam. Each problem contains three sections - instructions, data description and output requirements. Instructions explain about the problem and what needs to be done; Data description contains nodes/services details or relevant information to solve the problem; Output requirements is … Continue reading CCA131 sample exam questions

Multinode hadoop cluster configuration for CCA131 preparation

CCA131 exam is a fully hands on exam and one should have a practical experience of working in a hadoop cluster to pass the exam. If you don't have practical experience, then I'd recommend you to practice through Cloudera quickstart VM or build a multi node cluster in your laptop using VMs or in AWS. … Continue reading Multinode hadoop cluster configuration for CCA131 preparation

CCA131 – Cloudera Administration Certification Exam Notes and Preparation Guide

In this post, we'll go through the CCA131 exam blueprint topics and show you what and how to perform the tasks in each topic. All the embedded links are my exam preparation notes. Go through each link and perform/practice it in your cluster. Please practice till the time you're confident of doing all the tasks without referring any documentation/material and capable of resolving the issues.